Why Invest In Numismatics


Coins are a classic heritage investment, with more than two and a half millennia of history, tangibility, desirability and strong investment growth" Keith Heddle (Managing Director of Stanley Gibbons Investments) 














Rare coins offer numerous benefits to your portfolio and can provide you with better protection than most any asset classes in the market today


What makes some coins rare?


Many older coins in the US (from the 1790’s to 1930’s) exist in small quantities due to the fact that on three separate occasions, the U.S. Treasury issued recalls on U.S. coins. Some of these coins were also melted into regular gold to help pay for international trade during the Civil war. Another reason such U.S. coins is rare is because many of them got lost during the years they were circulated - they were traded too much that they became very worn for any collector to develop real interest in collecting them, hence creating a real lack and need for collectors.


How can rare coins benefit your portfolio?


1. The long term performance of rare coins has been excellent (rare coins have generally outperformed the gold bullion - specifically at least twice as well in a 30 year period).


2. Private gold bullion ownership has been restricted - the U.S. government said in 1933 that it can confiscate privately held gold bullion by the passing of a law. To protect against this possibility, U.S. coins are the safest.


3. U.S. coins protect your financial privacy - purchasing of rare coins does not create governmental paper trail, unlike bullion coins.


4. U.S. coins offer diversification hard to find elsewhere - when you buy U.S. coins, you gain the advantage of diversification into gold and also into a rare and valuable collectible. When you have large holdings of real estate, bonds, stocks, etc, rare  coins will provide you with an investment that can offset losses when they occur. Precious metals and U.S. coins also react to different market conditions than stocks and bonds, making them attractive tools for keeping portfolios balanced through economic cycles.


5. U.S. gold coins offer the same safety and security as gold bullion - rare coins that are comprised of gold provide the historical safety and protection and security that gold always as throughout the ages


6. U.S. coins have artistic appeal - besides their value and diversification aside, rare coins are beautiful pieces of art, masterpieces in their own right. 

Source: http://sophisticatedinvestor.com/rare-coins-offer-additional-diversification-for-your-portfolio/

What Paradime Coins Can Do For Your Portfolio

  • Specialize in portfolio building & asset management in the U.S Numismatics Market.

  • Diversification in collectibles while beating traditional investments is what we do.

  • Alternative Investments

  • Hedge Against Inflation and the U.S. Dollar

  • Provide safe haven options during economic crises

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