The Team

Founder & President - Shannon S. Rajkitkul

While studying a BA in History at New York University, Shannon reignited his love in Numismatics. Shannon spent 4 years working with Stack's Bowers Galleries New York City 57th street location, buying millions in rare coins as well as being part of the incredible team responsible for selling the Pogue Collection (The Most Valuable Cabinet to sell for over  US$100 million) and the Cardinal Collection (selling the Most Valuable Coin 1794 $1 SP66 PCGS CAC for $10 million). Shannon also has a diploma from the American Numismatic Association, Florence Schook School of Numismatics, having received high honors and scoring in 99th percentile. With his MBA from the University of Oxford, Shannon combines a traditional investment outlook with that of investments in rare coins, as he tries to bridge the numismatic and finance world into one. Shannon has actively traded on a wholesale and retail market for 10 years.

Data Analyst - Bhaskar P

Bhaskar is an engineer by trade with a Bachelor and Masters in Civil Engineering. Professionally, he has worked both at BUILD CHANGE and the Central Bureau of Statistics analyzing and quantifying Empirical data. At ParadimeCoins he uses these skills to help with providing relevant data for purchases, sales and auctions.

Logistics/Shipping Department

All of our shipping and logistical support is handled by an experienced and highly qualified outsourced team to support and meet the demand, price and quality required for numismatic rarities based in Houston, Texas.


Our high end coins are professionally photographed by a Numismatic Photographer in California. This is why you will see some pictures as absolutely stunning. We pass on our savings to our clients when we can.


We are completely insured by Lloyds of London or our other private insurance. All of our packages shipped to you will be fully insured by 100% of the sale amount. Any coins also stored in our possession is fully insured as well.


Member of ANA ( American Numismatic Association) NACA ( North American Collectible Association) CAC ( Certified Acceptance Coporation) CDN ( Coin Dealer Network) & The RoundTable 


ParadimeCoins mostly deals in wholesale work of buying and selling rare coins. As such approximately only 5% of the pieces we deal in come to the website and in retail settings. 

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